Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Keeping On

Well, after much uncertainty, it looks like it's official. The company my husband works for has gone belly up which makes him considerably more unemployed than he was before.

100 percent more, actually.

He's feeling reasonably positive at this stage, so I'm trying to as well. My three days a week will just about get us over the line for the short-term while he finds something new. There is work out there, it's just a question of surviving in the interim.


More cheese making today!

We're off tomorrow for a long weekend on a farm-stay at Yandina, which will be a nice chance to get away and think things through for a few days. Maybe pat a cow or two and soak up some country air.

Life hey. Sometimes you've just got to keep on keeping on.


  1. Oh no. So sorry to hear about this. Have my fingers crossed that he finds another job quickly. xx

  2. Oh no :-(

    I hope he can find something else quickly.

  3. Sending good job karma into the grid for you this weekend x

  4. oh! I am sorry to hear this too. I hope you keep your spirits up and something good comes for you, and you manage. My thoughts are with you.


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