Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Photographic Round-Up

I got an email today from the lovely E from Dig In and she mentioned this thing called a 'blog' and for a minute my brain was hunting for an insight into what that word meant... and then it all came back to me.

And I felt INSPIRED.

So here, without further ado, is a bunch of photos from my iPhone masquerading as a blog post. I got a little toy called an Olloclip, which is great. You clip it onto the iPhone and it adds various lenses--macro, fish eye or wide angle. The wide angle and fish eye I can take or leave, but the macro is great.

I've been using it to record flowers and plants...

#Macro #lavender

#macrogardener #orchid

#bud #macrogardener #olloclip

#macrogardener #lavender


In other news, it's starting to warm up again now and I've become overwhelmed by the urge for COLOUR and plenty of it. I really hate the cold, as I am reminded every Spring when the first balmy breezes of the season waft through the house and I remember again why I moved to Queensland to begin with.

Then I go and sit on the back deck and stay there for the next eight months.

Amount up the colour on the deck for Spring.

Lucinda is growing bigger by the minute, speaking and singing and generally morphing into a girly girl before my very eyes.

Collision course

Let's be friends.

Lucinda admires the art, dahling.

I'm biased but... HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS KID!!!

Dan's make-shift veggie patch is yielding some not-so-makeshift results. We're hoping to try the first lettuce next week.

Dan's patch.

Snow peas


There has also been road trips and night trips and parties and plenty of social time lately too. After mourning the loss of my social life for a while, I now just permanently keep a port-a-cot and sheets in the back of the car. Every weekend of late, we've headed out and about to friends' homes around the place. Lu, token child of our group of friends, runs around parties showing off until she collapses happily into the cot -- where she conveniently dozes until morning while Mummy and Daddy have a glass or two (..ahem...) of wine with friends and then collapse into a spare bed.

It beats the 10pm babysitter curfew.

No one was ever this excited by celery before

The gal on the go...


Love this #view #roadtrip

Oh, the places you'll go...

#queenslander #country #esk

Lulu at the #farm

Lacey Creek Community Hall.

Winter in Brisbane. You can't really complain #winter #redcliffe

Now, bring on Summer...


  1. I can't believe you took these photos with your iphone! They're so pretty, especially the flowers! Lucinda is getting so big, and so cuuute! ;)

    We are wrapping up summer here in the US and headed into fall... I'm actually looking forward to cooler temps!

    xx, kara

  2. What great images - that oloclip thingy is very clever. How fuzzy does that first pic look?
    Yep, I think that's the key about kids, just get them used to doing what you want and they'll merrily go along with anything - hopefully. But then what do I know - I have no kids!

  3. hey E! i posted a reply this afternoon but things have been playing up. glad i got you back, those photos are gorgeous. i love all the flowers ones especially (i love flowers) and i love your cushions on the deck. i have weather envy! as i type this to you i'm wearing a woollen jumper, scarf and long johns under my trackies, and ugg boots - and yes, i'm inside!! beautoful. thankyou


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