Monday, December 20, 2010

The Fog Lifting

Well, here we are finally at the end of Dan's weekends of labour at Karra. We're leaving on Christmas Eve for Tasmania for 10 days to see my family and I can't wait to get out of Brisbane for a while.

The last few months of lonely, rainy weekends have been, well, kind of shitty. Our house is constantly flooded now, our possessions smell of damp, the yard has gone completely haywire and the couch and carpets smell of wet dog.

And I've had the energy and motivation to deal with pretty much none of these problems. Every time I fix one thing, something else is full of water or under water or leaking water or smelling of stagnant water.

But, fixing up the regular house is a problem for next year.

We're leaving the nearly-finished Karra'd Away to the care of guests for the Christmas break and, being keen boaters, I am sure they'll have a blast there, if the weather holds out.

But hey, at least the house is watertight.

So now, here is some of the after photos.

Karra Bedroom 1 (2 of 1)
The new master bedroom.

Karra Bedroom  2 (2 of 1)
The second bedroom.

Karra Lounge  (2 of 1)
The lounge room.

Karra Lounge 2 (2 of 1)
The lounge room, as seen from the kitchen.

It's looking pretty sparse right now, and I plan to take a couple of extra lamps and paintings over next time we visit, but I do actually quite like the look.

Sparse sort of works for a holiday cabin, where you don't want to feel crowded in by someone's personal trinkets and different taste.

Anyway, I'm so proud of the work Dan has done on it and I think it looks fantastic. Next time it's sunny out, I'll get some photos of the new, improved deck area to post too.

If you know anyone looking for a TWO-BEDROOM (!!) holiday home with water views near the beach, then direct them to

So now, the reason I've been MIA from renovations, blogging and pretty much life in general, which I think quite a few of you suspected:


I'm having an ALIEN!!!

No, apparently it is human, and we're very excited. It's due in June. I've been pretty unwell, a sort of round-the-clock morning sickness that's left me exhausted, miserable and REALLY hypersensitive to smells.

Not a good thing when your house has morphed into a swamp.

I'm in the second trimester now and I feel the fog lifting a little. I can handle basic tasks like doing laundry and retaining meals much more effectively.

So anyway, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Enjoy it and have a drink for me!


  1. congrats! I had a feeling after reading your last couple of posts! Best of luck to the three of you. Being a mum is the sweetest thing ever, and as horrible as it may seem now, one day you'll remember your pregnancy as a magical time. :]

  2. I knew it. Contests to you both. The house looks amazing xxx our house is a swap too with a leaking roof. Eeerrghh!!

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I might just email you about a get a way.

  3. Hi Edwina, congratulations to you and Dan. I am really happy for you. Enjoy the Christmas break with your family and allow them to spoil you. I hope the sickness passes quickly so that you can enjoy the pregnancy. Nice job too on Karra! ;-)

  4. OMG I knew it! Congrats to you both. Boy, at the moment it looks like you are harbouring a bunch of saveloys in there :)
    The house looks great - I really like that sideboard, just like one mum and dad had. How great that your coming to Tas for Christmas though the weather has not been great here either!

  5. Oh, welcome to a whole new world. Congratulations to you both, it is very exciting news!!!

    Your holiday home looks great. Dan is definitely the man. Love the VJs.

    Have a Merry Christmas!xx

  6. ohmygosh congrats! i was also a june baby, it's a good birthday month :) the house looks lovely by the way.... the lounge room looks awesome! xo

  7. Huge congratulations!!!! And your house looks amazing too. Merry Christmas to you!!

  8. Congratulations on your wonderful news x

  9. Karra looks amazing, well done Dan! And well done both of you for the alien!


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