Monday, January 10, 2011

Felt Owl

Being inside so much lately (rain, rain, more rain) has forced me back into sewing, which I'd taken a break from during my first trimester while morning sickness and fatigue worked their evil magic.

We started setting up the baby's nursery on the weekend (mainly to move the baby furniture we've been donated out of the flood plain that is our rumpus room and up into the relative safety of a spare bedroom) and decided to go with an owl theme, with a few other birds thrown into the mix to break it up a little.

I decided to make some little felt stuffed toys to kick the theme off and started this little fella a couple of nights ago.

Last night, I finished him off and started working on a baby owl, which should be finished tonight.


He looks like he's being groped by that monkey here. Perhaps that accounts for the startled look he's got.

Monkeys - so cheeky.

After the baby owl is finished, I'm planning to make a penguin and then a cockatoo, then perhaps a galah...

Fingers crossed the baby likes birds.


  1. it's so cute! And yes, it does look like the monkey is getting frisky. :\

  2. He's so cute! The rain makes for a good excuse to sew :)


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