Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Halfway There

Tomorrow, I'm officially 20 weeks pregnant. Halfway there. I'm quite happy about that.

It's not that I don't LIKE being pregnant, it's just that... Ok, I don't like it at all. My back aches constantly, my gums bleed profusely every time I brush my teeth, my legs keep seizing up in painful cramps, I feel bloated and immobile and cranky and I can't wait for it to be over.

And, look, LOOK at how small the bump is. It's going to get a whole lot worse.

Pregnancy 20 weeks (2 of 1)

We found out the baby is a girl on Friday, which was pretty thrilling. Not that we wouldn't have been happy either way, of course, but knowing makes it seeem more real, somehow.

She has a name... whether it'll be the name we give her after seeing her, who can say. But I think it will be. It's a good, classic name and we're both happy with it.

She also has her first ever clothes, after I won a $100 voucher at All Sorts 4 Kids. As soon as we learned her gender, I spent it on the kind of clothes I probably wouldn't spend money on nomally - and today they arrived.

Bub is now the proud owner of a gorgeous set of floral Bebe bloomers, a matching playsuit and bib and a little white dress.

They're not even vaguely practical, but who wants the first clothes they own - out of a lifetime of clothing to come - to be anything other than gorgeous?

Dan and I ceremonially hung them, tiny little flowery scraps of fabric that they are, in the nursery, and I was glad we hadn't started out with cotton Bonds onesies and singlets.

Every girl should start life with a few gorgeous little dresses hanging in her wardrobe.


  1. Oh wow, a little girl how gorgeous. The heat probably isn't helping your pregnancy at the moment either. I hope it gets better soon and well done on winning the clothing voucher, the girl needs to start life in style for sure! ;-)

  2. You look amazing and your bump is perfect. So excited about you having a little girl.

  3. A girl, that's great! I have to admit I think part of the reason I have not had children is that the thought of being pregnant and sort of losing control over my body totally freaks me out! Anyway, not too long to go now and how great that she will be super stylish from the word go. Take care x

  4. You look incredible, am so stoked you got a new outfit for your little girl and I hated pregnancy too!! (though just quietly contemplating another shot at it!!)


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