Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eau De Wet Canine

We're just about settled into the new place now, give or take a couple of boxes still to unpack and things to find homes for.

On Monday, Maisie had her first day at home alone here. I'd been pretty worried about her escaping, because the yard is not 100 percent Maisie-proof yet and we're living quite near the train lines now.

Sure enough, it was a stinking hot day, completed with a massive thunderstorm. Nothing freaks a dog out like a good thunderstorm.

She got out.

Luckily, a man spotted her on the road, pulled her into his car and rang me. She was soaking wet and shook that special wet dog scent all over his upholstery, bless her.

To his absolute credit, he parked and waited for Dan to come and collect her, instead of just turfing her out on the road in disgust.

Yesterday, I came home to find her still secure in the yard, much to my relief. We headed down to the beach in a quick break between lazy afternoon storms and she was able to work up another good case of Eau De Wet Canine.


Maisie at Sandgate (2 of 1)

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