Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Little Heart Out

So, obviously, I haven't stopped by here in a while. But now, here I am - 31 weeks pregnant and already looking 'more than ready to drop', as a kind gentleman pointed out at an op shop yesterday.


But anyway, I do have a sudden urge to decorate. I guess that's the famous nesting instincts kicking in. I decided to put them to good use this weekend and booked myself a barge to Karra today (Sunday).

Yesterday, I went op shopping. I bought this fantastic tea trolley at Lifeline for $50. It was love at first sight.

Furniture 2 (2 of 1)

Then, I stopped in at Deagon Second Hand Furniture, on Sandgate Road. That place is AMAZING, a treasure trove of goodies for great prices. I got this little table, the sign, some fabric and a magazine rack for $20. Score!

Furniture 1 (2 of 1)

Throw in a couple of cheap rugs ($25 each, also Lifeline) and a Persian rug that was my Grandmother's and I was all ready for a few hours at Karra today, decorating my heart out.

Karra Lounge Room Low Res

Karra Lounge Low Res

Karra Kitchen Low Res

It's definitely looking a lot cosier and more homely than it was before and I feel like I've done something more productive with this nesting phase than just folding and re-folding baby clothes...

Next weekend: the nursery!


  1. Look at that funky fireplace you have at Karra! Great finds too. I hope the pregnancy is going well. xx

  2. Wow 31 weeks??? That seems to have gone fast, although you may not be feeling like that. ;-)

  3. That persian rug is AMAZING! And what a steal for the tea trolley!


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