Monday, April 25, 2011


This is Royal, a little pup who came to stay with us recently while his owners were up the coast.


He missed them terribly and spent a lot of time hanging by the front door waiting for their return.

Maisie seemed to think he was a stuffed toy and kept whacking him on the head waiting for him to squeak, so I'm not surprised he was a little homesick.


  1. Oh the poor little guy! I hope you gave him lots of cuddles :)

  2. omg forget the pup - your door is absolutley gorgeous! i love the red and green, and the little tree looking design on top, and the bars, and also loving the doorway to the left going into the other room. wow. would it be too nosy to ask for more pictures of your house house.... i can't get over how good your taste is!!!

    p.s. - how's baby? hope you're finding time to rest and pamper yourself! :)

    xx, kara

  3. Thanks Kara! It's a pretty typical Queenslander-style home that we're renting currently. I love it too :-)


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