Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rocking Reindeer

Blogging... I'm not sure why I still do it. I'm not much of a blogger any more. I hardly write anything, I rarely comment on anyone else's (although I do read them) and I don't participate in blog events.

I think I just mainly do it for myself - to spur myself to keep taking photos of my life and to keep documenting things I make and places I spend time.

But every time I feel the urge to post something, I go through this internal debate about what the point is. Then I generally post anyway.

So here I am, posting. I have no idea why.

Here is a recent creation, a play mat I made last weekend. It has a quilted underside and is quite cute if I do say so myself. Only thing is I forgot to pre-shrink the fabrics, so I just know that the first time I wash it they'll all shrink to different sizes and it'll get twisted out of shape.

I guess I just can't wash it. Babies don't make much mess, right?

Play Mat

In case you're wondering why Maisie is tied to the veranda, we'd just been for a walk and she was muddy and couldn't come inside. She also can't go in the backyard as she's worked out an escape route and Dan hasn't had a chance to block it yet.

So she's just hanging on the veranda, watching the world go by.

Maisie on the deck Low Res

This here is the humble beginnings of the baby's room. Much work still to do, obviously. Six weeks to do it in.

Baby's Room (2 of 1)

The rug is yet another from the stockpile they're selling at Lifeline for $25 a pop (I've bought four now), and the rocking reindeer came courtesy of the side of the road - a friend picked it up on council pick up day.

I think it's amazing what people will chuck into landfill. Dan thinks it's amazing what people will try and salvage from it.

We just agree to disagree - and disinfect.


  1. I hope you keep blogging as I enjoy reading your posts. That photo of Maisie is gorgeous! I agree, people throw away perfectly good things :)

  2. I love the posts you put up here to so I hope you carry on! And nooooo of course babies don't make any mess - hee hee. Toddlers on the other hand......

  3. Keep on blogging, I enjoy your posts! Very cute play mat and cute dog! ;-)


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