Friday, May 6, 2011

Op Shop Treasures

I'm trying not to go op shopping today as I've just spent a ridiculous amount of money on groceries (necessary) and petrol (also necessary) and am feeling a bit poor (probably unnecessarily).

So here are some finds from recent times instead.

This little mosaic table came from the Salvos at Sandgate for $8.

Mosaic Table

I just love this tin! It's full of old cams from a sewing machine, which may not be much use, but the tin will be. It came from Deagon Secondhand.

Decorative Cams

I actually got this a couple of months ago and have barely taken it off since. It's a little rose from the Salvos at Sandgate and from memory, it cost around $5.

Rose Necklace

And the best find was the baby's bassinet, also at the Salvos at Sandgate. I love that store. It was $90, but worth every penny in my book. I just love it.


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  1. Nice finds but I love the cane baby bassinet. ;-)


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