Friday, July 6, 2012

A Party

The weeks are just flying by so quickly at the moment. Last week was Lucinda's first birthday, which we celebrated with friends and family on Saturday. 




Now, it's nearly Saturday again. Dan's away for a few days so the bub and I are holding down the fort. It's nearly 10pm on Friday night and I've just come inside because, for some reason (possibly involving half a bottle of red) I decided to oil the outdoor furniture and some decking tonight.

I have no idea why. Oil is really hard to apply neatly in the dark.

I will post some photos tomorrow (unless it looks disastrous). We have  a lot of thirsty timber in this place, so I've got plenty of work to keep me going until Dan gets back.


  1. whoaaaaaaa a year already?!?!?! time flies! she really is beautiful... and i love her little tu tu!

    xx, kara

  2. Lucinda is beautiful, looks such a fashionista in hervtutu and crochet hat. Your verandah looks so inviting, yes more pictures please. Ha ha the lounge needs feet. I hopecthe deck oiling went well.

  3. Love the tutu! i want one!!


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