Saturday, July 7, 2012


Something comes over me when Dan goes away.

I become project-crazed. Determined to fit as much into those hours as possible and seeing a window to tweak and arrange things to my tastes without his man-input. Manput, if you will.

I remember hearing once about a mother who lifted a car when her baby was stuck underneath it. That's what I become like when home alone. Superhuman. I can lift couches with my pinkie fingers. Arrange whole rooms in an hour.  And, in the case of this weekend, paint three coats of decking oil on hundreds of metres of timber, with a baby strapped into a carrier on my back.

There's still a lot to do, but we definitely made some good progress.





  1. Wow, the timber is looking great! You have been busy. I'm sure there's some timber here that could use that sort of attention. Enjoy the rest of the weekend x

  2. Oh yeah. That is so worth the super-human effort. It reminds me that I need to do this too on our outdoor table...yikes! xx

  3. Superb effort. And manput, I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes husbands and their opinions can be a real nuisance- I was actually about to write a blog post with a title along those lines. I obtain superhuman abilities when I stumble across roadside finds that require heaving into the car around 2 carseats and 2 small children. melx


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