Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Green Acres pt II

Well, I'm delighted to say we have a signed contract on our new fixer upper! I hope I'm not jinxing this one...

Here it is on Google Street View. It's both houses, as I've said previously, and 11 acres.

The white house was the post office. We've received an email from an elderly lady in the area who grew up just down the road, telling us about her recollections of visiting the place with her father to collect mail.

She said the building did originally have open verandas, with a split half staircase (starts as two, joining in a landing halfway up the house). That's exactly what Dan and I planned to restore it to, which is a good start. She has confirmed the layout of the house was essentially what we thought - split in two halves, one half serving as the home of the postmaster and one half as the post office.

She has confirmed the little yellow building was the first school in the area, although she went to the second school which was just down the road and was also restored recently.

She also says she has family who once called the property home and is now approaching them asking for any photos of it from the past.

All in all, it's VERY exciting. I'm going back out there tomorrow to try and grab some more photos. I've also asked to be let into the locked rooms.

Demanding, aren't I? Wanting to see the rooms in the house we've just bought? So pushy.

I sure hope the meth lab is gone by then.


  1. Exciting Edwina. I hope it all goes through easily and there weren't too many surprises behind those locked doors.

  2. How exciting!! And how brilliant to have that knowledge of how it once looked. I really wished we had that for our place, but no pics, nothing really.
    Good luck with those locked rooms. Scary!!

  3. Fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly. Sounds like you have a project and a half ahead of you! xx

  4. Oh wow Congratulations Edwina!!! Gosh, the thought of owning an old Post Office and School house - very exciting times ahead! Mel xx

  5. So happy for you! I know all will go well. Now I can't wait to see the photos. Especially the "before' photos of the meth lab!


  6. Wow, sorry I've been under a rock and just figured this all out! Yeah, despite it's obvious current condition it sounds very exciting!!! I love the land size too. Goodluck with everything!! Can't wait to see before and after photos!

  7. Congratulations!! Wonderful news.

    What an awesome history the place has, so glad it's now in good hands so it can be restored to its former glory.

  8. congratulations on such a big thing in life!
    if it's not a meth lab, is it too much to hope for something positive like hidden treasure in those rooms? no skeletons in the closet -literally - i hope.
    keep us posted!

  9. Congrats Edwina! I wanna see the photos soon, xo
    ~ Herman Swna


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