Saturday, November 3, 2012

Green Acres

We went and looked at the hoarder's house yesterday, which I've now renamed Green Acres because it's infinitely more romantic sounding, while still summing up the state of the place.

It was... cool. Seriously, cool. Rundown, but cool.


It didn't get off to a good start. We met the agent, knocked on the door of the main house and got no answer. It was open, so we assumed the owner had made herself scarce and in we went.

Scarce did not turn out to be her thing. She came running in a minute or so later and started shouting at the agent. Turns out she lives in the smaller house, hadn't heard us arrive, and thought we were in there thieving.

After further warning us that had her son been home, we would have been shot, the agent managed to calm her down and she escorted us around the property, occasionally mumbling under her breath and tempting us with her own sales pitch.

This part of the house to be the local post office. We threw out all the old wood pigeon holes and things though, so you can just use it to store things.


The main house, which did indeed used to serve as the local post office once, is HUGE and featured several rooms that were padlocked and couldn't be entered.

My son lives there. He doesn't like people in his space.

How people expect to sell a house they're not willing to let buyers explore is a rant for another day, but Dan and I had already established this house was not your run of the mill purchase, so it didn't completely surprise us. A quick scuttle under the house revealed solid floorboards, we knew the walls were VJ and that was good enough. Whatever's going on behind those doors (meth lab), we don't really care right now.

The second little house on the property used to be the local school house. Again, it had been unsympathetically renovated but the potential was there to live in it temporarily while renovating the big house, and then use it as a guest house.

So, to cut a long story a bit shorter, we're making an offer. If we're successful, we'll be moving into the little house straight away and working to get the place back under control while restoring the big house to eventually move in there.

The place needs a hell of a lot of work, YEARS worth of work, to restore to its former glory, but could one day be an amazing and very large country home.

The real estate rollercoaster continues!


  1. Wow, what an adventure! Glad the son wasn't home, he sounds like a very unsavoury person!
    Seriously, selling a house with rooms you can't even see? Great pitch.
    It does sounds fascinating though. Good luck!

  2. You will have to take heaps of photos of the "before"!

  3. oooh mystery rooms!...i have a picture in my mind of the aint pretty.
    but it sounds great!....fingers crossed!
    Allison x

    1. Indeed. Did I mention he has nine children? We're not sure how many of them live there, but judging by the bunk beds tucked into gaps between the piles of rubbish, presumably quite a few of them...

  4. Hmm, sounds like an intersting inspection! Good luck :)

  5. meth lab! thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning! what a shame they threw out the old PO wooden pidgeon holes. could have been a gorgeous feature.

    just make sure your tetanus shots are up to date before you start reno work :-)


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