Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Hoarder's Hovel

Last weekend, when Dan and I were driving past the beautiful colonial we fell in love with (and have now decided is just too overpriced to be excusable), we went further down the road and saw another property for sale. Same land size of 10 acres, in a nice little spot, on a nice little bend, in a nice little gully.

It had not one but two houses. Oh, and it was also clearly home to a hoarder. We wrinkled up our noses and drove on.

But, something caught Dan's curiosity around the place.  He thought the main house looked remarkably solid, despite the filth surrounding it. 'Solid' is about the biggest compliment Dan can pay a house, so I could tell he was interested in seeing more.

After we decided the other one was too much money, we booked an inspection on this one for this Saturday.The online listing only has a few photos of the outside of the homes, so we are really flying blind.

We asked the agent to send us some photos of the inside of the two houses on the property.

She was reluctant, but today did so. And, if you can look past the filth here (really, try) you might notice a few things if you are a lover of old Queenslanders (or just old houses in general).

Here, in the main house, we have pressed metal ceilings, VJs and an original veranda that has been hidden behind an ugly facade.

The price is 200k cheaper than the one we'd wanted further down the road. Same land size, same era house, MUCH more legwork. But, let me just say that again for effect:


So, we're keeping open minds, packing protective clothing, bringing Grandma along to hold the baby outside and we're venturing in on Saturday.

Disinfectant ready, fingers crossed. Again.


  1. Oh how I love old Queenslanders.... What a shame I live in Melbourne!

    A bit of a project means you could really make it your own. Hope the inspection goes well x

  2. Congrats on the house sale!!...this just could be the one!...200k!! had me at pressed metal ceilings!..good luck take flea powder....oh and strong mints....just in case there's a smell....chewing a mint helps!....oh but don't worry it won't smell!...( there will sooo be a smell! )
    Fingers crossed
    Allison x

    1. Ha! There so is going to be a smell, isn't there. Gross...

  3. hmmmmm if you clean this up, it could be such a cute home and like some one said above... you could really make it your own! good luck!!

    xx, kara

    1. Thanks Kara. Do you know I can't comment on your blog? It won't let me sign in without a wordpress account. Hmmm.

  4. Oooh, pressed metal ceilings would have me interested! Good luck!

  5. i love the warnigns about flea powder and mints for the smell! while my house wasn;t as ... lived in as this one appears to be, i too had to look thru a lot of the other owner's objects/decorating style/taste to see that it had good bones.
    good luck!


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