Monday, October 1, 2012


Yesterday was Dan's birthday and part of his gift was this furniture polish. My cousin has started making it from a recipe that was our grandmother's, and sent us some to try out.

The packaging is almost as good as the heavenly smell.

My cousin has been dabbling with my grandma's recipes. Loving the result!

In other news, we have harvested our first crop of potatoes on Sunday. We took all the teeny tiny ones out last night and fried them up and they were SO GOOD. I've never been so excited to eat a potato before.

Potato Harvest

It was the perfect end to a lazy long weekend at home.

Let's spend some quality time.



Today, I'm on holidays and Dan is starting a new job. We're still in negotiations re 'our farm'. Such machinations and we haven't even got to the 'making an offer' stage yet. We're still not sure whether we'll be going into it as a joint venture or alone. We're expecting a final answer this week, and from there we will know the next step for us. I have everything crossed. 


  1. The packaging of the polish is just beautiful! Good luck to your cousin.
    I really do get the excitement of eating your own produce. Home grown potatoes are so yummy. I love the tiny ones, but they are a pain to wash. Worth it though, with tonnes of butter!

  2. Out of all of the vegies and herbs I have grown I have never thought to grow potatoes! How hard/easy is it?

    1. It actually wasn't as hard as expected. We did them in a couple of rows of pots in the sunniest corner of the backyard and used desiree seed potatoes as we'd heard they did OK in Brisbane if you grew them through Winter... and they came out just fine. I think we planted them mid-June, from memory.


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