Friday, September 28, 2012

Project Sell

Project Sell is full steam ahead. Dan is working hard getting the house painted and some final landscaping done.

Dan sanding the house

Meanwhile, I've been busily packing stuff up into boxes for storage and trying to create some order from the chaos. 

We've had furniture trucks coming and going fairly regularly lately. Funny the way you only take the time to get your house looking how you really wanted when it's time to leave. 

At home


Like almost everyone else starting out, our furniture was always hand-me-down furniture, or op shop or Ebay finds. It's only been recently that we've started actually going out to shops, picking and paying for pieces we like and hope to have forever. 

Around the time I started 30, I also decided it was time to bite the bullet and buy some art. My mum has been active in the Tasmanian art scene for decades, so she was only too happy to help me start to narrow down artists and styles I liked.

I started with this piece, by a NSW-based artist. I'm hoping to add to it soon and have my eye on a couple of Tasmanian artists. Tasmania has an interest-free art purchasing scheme run by the Government to encourage investment in the local art scene.

I think it's a fantastic idea and intend to take full advantage of it.

Lucinda admires the art, dahling.

So here we are, finally living in a house that's starting to look 'done', while sneakily boxing up and storing away anything that doesn't fit into the new aesthetic. It's exciting times ahead.


  1. Your little girl is so adorable.

    I love to hear that Tasmania supports its local artists by providing the scheme! I think Tasmania must be a lovely place to live, we are yet to visit there.


  2. Hi edwina.....the place is looking great...all very purchases make you feel so grown up don't they....I wonder why that is?.....lovin that interest free scheme.....onya tassie! Can you tell me more?
    Allison x

    1. Hey Allison, Yep - the scheme is a fantastic idea. Such a great fit for Tassie artists. It's only available through selected galleries. Have a look here:


  3. Hehe, I've been there too - finally getting the house finished and looking gorgeous just tl sell it!

    At least you'll have the pretty photos from the sales campaign to remember it by!

    Good luck with the sale, I hope it's a quick one with a good $ result :-)

  4. Love the artwork. It's a good thing to spend money on and I agree, the Tas purchase scheme is an excellent one. I would love to buy a nice local piece of art, but I just need to wait for that perfect piece. I'm wondering if I would know of your Mum?


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