Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Farm?

Another trip out to what we've started calling 'our farm' over the weekend. We haven't made an offer yet on the place.

But, you know what? I think we just might. She's really quite the charmer. 

On the farm.

More farm.





The place has two liveable houses and an original slab-hut homestead, shown in the third picture above.

The house that would be ours is a three-bedroom Queenslander with wrap-around verandas and a lot of potential, although plenty of work needs to be done. 

The second home is a brick and tile converted shed which would become the home of the in-laws, who are thinking of making the move with us. 

A country commune. It's all quite exciting. And daunting. And exciting. 

That mountain climb I mentioned last week? We're another couple of steps up it.

We're on our way.


  1. How exciting. I hope the planets align and you are on your way to the next big adventure. xx

  2. It looks gorgeous and if it has a queen slander with wrap around verandahs, all it needs is a macadamia and a mango tree and you should be good to go. Cannot wait to see if it works out for you, fingers crossed. mel x


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