Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ikea No Idea

Another trip out to 'our farm', another hurdle this week. It now looks like Dan and I may have to go it alone in the venture, which would fine, except that Dan's only just about to start a new job and I work part-time.


So, if we want to make this happen, we need to sell our house first. We're a few weeks off putting it on the market and Dan still has to paint the exterior.

Meanwhile, I decided to start work on staging it for sale and took off to Ikea to buy a new bed frame, paid to have it delivered, put Dan to work assembling it and then discovered that Ikea bed frames do not fit Australian standard sized mattresses. I had no idea. You'd think they might tell you that somewhere on the information sheet for their beds. Do not buy this bed if you expect to be able to use a mattress on it. Something like that.

So, we had to pull it all down again, Dan will have to drive it back and we now have no bed frame at all because I gave the old one away on Freecycle in a wave of efficiency.

One step forward, two steps back.

Anyway, it's a glorious night tonight, perfect for enjoying some time out on the deck.

Real Estate Listing 1-2

I gotta admit, I will miss that view. 


  1. How frustrating. Both the bed and the farm, hope you can make this all work out the way you dream. And fingers crossed for a speedy house sale, it's more stressful having open houses with toddlers so the fewer the better Mel x

  2. Oh what a pain! That's a trap for the unwary, I'm glad you brought it to our attention!
    Penny x

  3. Wow, what a view. Shame you can't take it with you. And how annoying about the bed!

  4. I've been away for a bit so i have so much to catch up on!! lots of back reading to do. what a pain about the bed! fingers crossed for some more 'steps forward'.

    1. Thanks! It does all seem to have happened quickly, we spotted a property online about six weeks ago and it's been all go since then. Exciting times!


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