Saturday, September 22, 2012

Farm Photos

I mentioned that we took yet another trip out to 'our farm' on Friday. This time, it was to show my Mother, who is up visiting from Tasmania through the place. She snapped a few sneaky photos.

Here's a not-very-flattering photo of me on the veranda of the main house.

Farm House 2-2

This is a shot of some of the gardens and sneaky glimpses of the two homes (one behind the trees, one to the right) plus the run-down old slab hut in the back right.

Farm House 3-2

After looking around Laidley and the property, we went and visited Forest Hill, a little town nearby. It has several cute little shops, one newly renovated hotel and this one, which was a bit more traditional but much more photogenic.

Farm House 6-2

Finally, Lucinda was being her adorable self when this was taken. Kid LOVES a camera.

Lucinda and boots-2

Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend full of their own daydreams.


  1. Such exciting times ahead! That little glimpse of the veranda looks gorgeous! We stayed at an amazing homestead in Laidley a little while ago, and spent the whole time dreaming of living there- so I can totally see the appeal :)

    Good luck with everything! xx

    1. Oh wow, thanks for the link! I will have to see about booking a weekend there to really get a feel for the place. xx

  2. Very Inspiring dear,Good Job!

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  3. Hi Edwina - this is absolutely gorgeous! How exciting for you guys. Hopefully the stars will align and soon we will see some pics of you sitting on that gorgeous verandah :-) Mel x

  4. I really hope it all works out for your guys. What a beautiful big verandah -I'd have loved to see more. Cross fingers!

  5. Your farm looks wonderful Edwina, and the pics of that house with those verandahs, even better. Plus it looks like it has some big established trees too which is so important. We have spent time out around Laidley too, the view are gorgeous in those parts and it is such a quick drive to Brisbane. Good luck with your house sale, know how stressful it is with littlies, was only 2 years ago we were in the same boat except we bought and then sold which just about gave me an ulcer it was so nerve wracking. mel x

  6. wow, that wide white verandah - how gorgeous! i cannot imagine anything like that here in tassie. so very QLD! wonderful new place for evening G&T...

  7. Love how Mums love to take crap photos. Mine take the best head half chopped off, eyes crossed, strange face pulling photos and not only prints them, but loves to put them up on facebook.


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