Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Well, we were going to make an offer on 'our farm' today, but other things have gotten in the way. Have I mentioned before what a massive undertaking this whole process is?

Going halves with other family members appeals to us on so many levels, but it also adds several layers to an already complex process. There is paperwork galore, plus the challenges of  Dan's parents now being away for a couple of weeks on a pre-booked holiday.

I hope no one swoops down and buys it in the interim, but there's not much that can be done if they do.

I feel a bit burned out at the moment. I am exhausted with work and my days at home with Lucinda are no less tiring. I feel completely overwhelmed by everything and inspired and motivated to do nothing. It's not a good place to be, to be honest. I used to get this way occasionally about work, but it was nothing a few days off or a big night out with friends wouldn't fix.

Lucinda looks tired too.

I feel like the problem is running a little deeper now.

I wonder if I need a holiday. Would a holiday with a baby even classify as a holiday? I'm not sure.

For now, I will console myself with clicking through photos of the property online and dreaming of a different lifestyle, one that's hopefully still just around the corner.


  1. Book a haircut and have day out with some friends. Don't they say that's as good as a holiday... Impending change is always a bit of a gut wrench but what a beautiful life you will have on a farm!

  2. I find sometimes that doing absolutely nothing is the best medicine. Do what you have to do each day but get rid of those things that clog up the day - don't turn the computer on (works best if you're not at work!), turn off the phone for a bit, leave the washing for another day etc. If all else fails, book that holiday :)

  3. Feeling quite meh myself at the moment, interestingly a few bloggers are in this head space. I find sometimes the best thing to avoid the groundhog day of small children, is to bundle them into the car and drive somewhere new to me, find a coffee shop/op shop and playground and it helps lift the fog a little. Holidays with children in my experience are generally a same sh** different place kind of experience! We now go back the the same beach where the kids are happy and we take turns so we both get a break. Then there is also my current strategy to improve my mood which is to start painting my hallway! Feeling a little better already. mel x


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