Thursday, October 25, 2012

Plan B?

So, we still don't know where we're at with 'our farm'. The owner is expected to give a yes or no by 5pm tonight.

Meanwhile, we've unearthed more information about the property - the granny flat is not council approved, meaning it's difficult to insure it sufficiently. As that would have been my in-laws home (eventually) and the whole area is very fire-prone, this is a pretty big issue.

We could try and go through the process of getting it approved but who knows how long that will take?

Anyway, I'm almost over it. (Almost). We're driving out this afternoon to look at this place (photo pinched from real estate agent):

I can think of worse plan Bs - I do love myself an old Queenslander home and it's fully renovated, set in 10 acres of fruit and nut trees and surrounded by established gardens.  It's also the closest home to Brisbane we've seen so far, has various outbuildings and sheds and seems to have a view. I really like how it's nestled into the hill there, too.

So that's where we're at. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode in 'Edwina and family go through mass trauma trying to relocate to country'...


  1. What a faboulous idea for a tv show. Just joking, I love escape to the country. Hope it all works out one way or another.

  2. Oh wow, loving plan B! Hopefully there's a nice guest bedroom :)


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