Thursday, October 18, 2012

I jinxed it

I wavered, briefly, before hitting 'publish' on yesterday's post.

You don't want to jinx it, I told myself.

Then, I had a stern word with myself about being silly and hit publish anyway.

And then the phone rang. The owners have decided to take the place off the market, said the agent. They're frustrated with the length of time it's taken, it's approaching their busy season and they don't have time to be stuffing around with some of the conditions on the contract right now. 

It's not over yet. The agent is hoping she can still talk them around. They didn't know we were planning to sign the contract Saturday. They may agree to a three-month settlement as it doesn't pressure them to pack up and clean up right when they're busy with their work commitments.

I can't say I blame the owners. At all. It's been a huge process. There have been some very time-consuming issues that Dan's stepfather has brought up that Dan has been working through on his behalf (this is a 50/50 joint purchase between us and Dan's parents). And it takes time and patience. I can only write so much on here, for obvious reasons, and that's frustrating because I'M frustrated.

I've quit my job. I think I've found Lucinda a day a week in a local daycare. Our house is about to have a for sale sign on the front and we're hoping to sell before Christmas.

Where are we going to live if this whole thing falls over?


  1. My little mantra when things seem to he going awry is "things have a habit of working out" - and you know what? They do! Not always the way originally expected, but they work out nonetheless.

    Fingers crossed the real estate agent can talk them round, im sure they are keen to, their commission is on the line too!

    Good luck xx

  2. oh! i understand the "don't jinx it" then "don't be silly" self-conversation!

    accept the fear but believe that things somehow work out. even if not for the better initially, things do work out. at the moment, my mantra is "life is random" - which essentially means, things happen (sh!t happens), you can't always make sense of it, don't obsess over trying to make logic out of randomness!

    i also read recently someone's mantra was be like a teflon frypan - just let things slide off and away, or turn up the heat and really get going!!! made me laugh but i do find myself saying "teflon! be like teflon!" :-)

  3. I second everything Emma said - things work themselves out one way or another. Fingers crossed for you :)

  4. Oh Edwina, what a bugger! Hope this sorts itself out quickly for you, I was so excited when I read your last post but did not have time to comment. We had to fight for our house Betsy, the owners were difficult, the agent changed mid way through the sale, we even wrote the owners a letter about how much we wanted the house. In the end despite 5 offers of which ours was not the highest, she was ours. I am a fighter all the way but then if it doesn't work out I do believe something was not right and you have to roll with it. mel x

  5. Two words... bloody hell. What a disappointment! I really have my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  6. Oh no! This is not good Edwina - sorry to hear this. But it's still early days, like you say, and surely the agent has been on the blower trying to work some magic over the weekend. Have there been any developments over the last couple of days? I hope it all works out and we hear some positive news from you soon. Mel x


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