Sunday, October 28, 2012


What a rollercoaster moving house is. Not that we're even at the actual 'moving' part yet, just the buying and selling part. That's enough, though. 

'Our farm' has completely fallen through, removed from market, gone. 

Plan B was beautiful, but ultimately had too many problems to be a contender. The house was tiny (the photo is deceptive), the block was very steep and the dams were bone dry. Oh, and it faced right into the Western sun. Not a great move in an area where the summer temperature regular climbs towards 40 degrees.

Yesterday, we drove around and around looking at listings we'd picked out, and almost without fail they were awful. Real estate agents have an uncanny ability to photograph houses without showing the rundown hovel right next door, or the fact that great portions of the home are falling down. 

We actually walked out of one place with flea bites.

Today, again, we drove out west of Brisbane and looked at still more areas. Beautiful, but no cigar.

Maybe not this one. #househunting

Then we drove back to the area we'd originally looked, and met an agent here. And fell in love:

Maybe this one.

It ticks all our boxes. The listing price is a bit too expensive, but it's overpriced for the market and after two months for sale and no offers, we hope the agent can talk them down to where we need them to be.

In the meantime, we just signed off on an offer on our place. One open home and we're done. We're pretty happy with that. I would crack a champagne but frankly, after three days of driving around looking at potential homes and all the emotion that goes with that, I'm exhausted and going to bed.

Happy Sunday, people.


  1. Well done! You must be chuffed to have a contract on your house! I like the look of your potential home too. Hope you find a great place. xx

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog today. Love another Birkenstock gardener - particularly now I know you are in Qld which isn't exactly snake free....

    Good luck with the offer - the house looks intriguing.

  3. The new potential home looks lovely, hope things work out for you this time. Well done selling your current home so quickly!

  4. it sounds terribly exhausting. it's very stressful and as you say, you haven't even started physically 'moving'. i don't understand people who can move every couple fo years.


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