Monday, October 22, 2012

Infinite Process

Thanks everyone for your little pearls of wisdom over the last week or so, they are much appreciated. You are such a wise bunch.

It is an uncertain time, but we're pretty confident we'll get there in the end. (I'm trying to think positive) The owner is still mulling over his options and is expected to tell the agent what's what tomorrow.

Or maybe, never. This just seems like the most infinite process in my life. Perhaps I'll still be here when I'm 68, going back and forth and back and forth in these negotiations, dragging myself into the office with increasing resentment and dreaming of a life outside the city limits.

We've been talking so much about what we'll do once we get there. Pulling dinner from the dam that's stocked with barramundi and red claw to cook on the fire. Getting the veggie patch happening, fixing up the old hut to make it my home office.

Meanwhile, the first open home at our place in Brisbane is this Saturday and we've been in overdrive preparing. The photographer was here today taking photos for the listing. If there's anything more ridiculously futile than  trying to clean a house occupied by a toddler, then I'd like to hear about it.

Actually - I really, really wouldn't.

At home

That said, our place looks good now and we're confident we've done enough work and priced it well to to secure a quick sale.

Fingers crossed we hear some good news tomorrow about this whole proposition. Even if it means a few months of homelessness over Christmas ( the owner wants a three month settlement now, if he even wants to sell at all), it'll mean we're on our way.

My fingers are more crossed than they've ever been.


  1. Best of luck for a quick sale and some answers on your new home. Liongirl was 18 months when we sold our last house and bought Betsy and I so remember the chaos of cleaning and doing open inspections. We were lucky and sold within 10 days so I wish the same for you. And I also remember we had a three month settlement as well and how I would keep going back to surf the web to take another peek at Betsy in that long long time before we walked through the doors. mel x

  2. hi edwina....just got caught up on your last few posts....phew youve had it all going on! fingers crossed that the farmer sees sense.the whole open house thing is a pain isnt it. My charlie was 2 when we sold our last place. For 10 months we cleaned & polished and tidied....only to be purchased by an overseas investor who only saw the internet photos!.....was all worth it as we were making our dream of moving to the country happen as well. Best of luck!
    Allison x

  3. Yikes...your bringing back bad memories of our last move which I found very traumatic!! Have my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for you. xx

  4. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Check out my blog for how to recieve it! ;)

    xx, Kara


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