Monday, July 5, 2010

On Headwear

Beanie Weather

It was pretty cold at home over the weekend, cold enough that I got some beanie time in. I love wearing beanies, mainly because Dan thinks they look ridiculous and I really love doing things that Dan thinks are ridiculous.

Before we went to the UK earlier this year, I bought a fantastic bright red sequin beret. I envisaged myself swanning the streets of Edinburgh with it on, stopping traffic with my fashion-forward stylings.

Dan agreed. "Babe, between your hair and the hat, you look like a traffic light,' he said, bluntly.

He loathed that beret with a passion beyond his usual dislike of beanies and fascinators and headbands.

Seeing his face literally contort with horror every time I put it on, I eventually gave in and put it back in my suitcase and it hasn't been worn since.

Looks like I'm sticking to more neutral pastel-coloured headwear this Winter.


  1. I have a huge collection of beanies that i love to wear.. I would like to add a red sequin one to my collection. I used to wear a beanie to feed the horses in the freezing winter mornings, I think they used to hate the one I would wear most days which had with a huge pom pom on top! LOL

    I am lucky as my hubby wears a beanie too!! He looks like a crim in his though! haha

  2. That's funny. Lyn wouldn't have let me wear the scarlet one either. I have threatened to wear a beret (dreaming of going to Paris in the next few years) and it doesn't go down too well.
    For the record, I think you look great in the photo - beanie included!!

  3. Boys can be so cruel. I'm loving your latest addition. I would love to wear beanies but they just dont suit me and the last few weeks it's actually been really warm up here kinda feels like summer. Where's my cold weather?

  4. Any excuse and I will wear a hat/beanie. You are positively glowing in this picture Ed!!! xo

  5. I love this hat! I'd like something like this for myself this winter. Althought enjoying summer too much to start thinking about winter now!!
    I still can't believe it gets cold enough to wear a hat in Australia!


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