Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spending An Evening

I sewed myself this li'l bag on the weekend. It cost me more than $50 in materials and took about three hours.

Amy Butler Bag

Really, I could have just gone out and bought one - or two - for that money. But I reassured myself that it's all about the PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE.

I plan to make another one in the next week or so. I was going to start tonight, but, well... I just ended up taking photos of fabric stacks, thread and pin cushions instead.

Fabric (2 of 1)

Pin Cushion (2 of 1)

Photography is probably a cheaper way to spend an evening than sewing, to be honest.


  1. Oh la la. What pattern did you use? You couldn't buy something thy pretty at the shops. Totally jealous of all those greens in your fabric stash. Gorgeous.

  2. Oh well, the results are great! I really like the style. Your fabric pile is so pretty - love the colour combos. :)

  3. Really pretty bag. Looks so professional.

  4. gorgeous bag!!! i love the fabrics you picked out as well... you are very talented missy!!!

  5. i'm in love. that bag is perfect. i want one. ;) and those fabrics in the second picture are gorgeous! i spy teal... one of my favourite colours ever.


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