Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little Crevices

Ok, I admit it, I'm disappointed.

Once again, that demon entity - that Lucifer to leisure, that slayer of idle dreams - has ruined my weekend.

I refer of course, to work. More specifically, the fact that Dan now has to work tomorrow and yet another weekend at Karragarra Island has been cancelled.

Dan and I work full-time Monday to Friday, but currently our jobs are encroaching into our evenings and weekends and the little crevices of space we try to eke between our growing days.

As we both take on more reponsibility and become more involved in The Things We Do All Day, the time when we're NOT doing these things has become less and less.

For now, we've agreed to roll with it. This too shall pass. We're young, childless and our relationship is solid. We are both making our marks on career paths that, for the most part, fulfil us and will lead... somewhere.

For now, this is where we're at.

That said, I still feel bitterly disappointed when another weekend is cancelled, knowing that once again my Saturday will be spent either cleaning the house or hammering away on my laptop or grocery shopping or some combination of the above and not over at Karra, lying in front of the fire or wandering along the foreshore with my camera.

Old Jetty-2 copy

An old jetty near the Eastern tip of the island.


  1. Hi Edwina, What a shame that fireplace will not be used this weekend as it is sooooo cold here!! I am sure you will try and have some weekend fun anyway.

  2. I'd be disappointed too. A walk on the beach and evening by the fire sounds like nirvana - better than Woollies and Windex.

  3. Yes, I feel your pain. I normally have to work every second weekend (this weekend) and it is a bit frustrating when there is so much to do around the house.
    Hopefully your situation will pass and you can hopefully have some overtime pay to put towards the reno!

  4. Sorry to hear your weekend has been spoiled. Fingers crossed for a better one next week.

    However, that photo of the old jetty is amazing.

  5. aawww no :( i hope you get a weekend away soon!

    that photo of the old jetty is incredible.

  6. That is annoying. Does absence making the heart grow fonder apply to Islands?

  7. Edwina, I love your blog it is adorable! Such a shame you had to cancel a lovely weekend away, that photo is lovely! Work can sometimes encroach on personal time, that is true - which is mainly part of the reason I took a 50% pay cut to work outside of the city (near my home) and have more time with my husband and more hours for my photography!! But sometimes when you're young you just have to grind it out when you're paving your career and it sounds like it fulfills you so that is great! I'm sure you'll get that wonderful weekend away soon!!! x

  8. Here's hoping this weekend is successful!

  9. Oh no. not again. it will feel like so much more of a reward when you finally get there. I hope work lets up soon xx


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