Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coconut-Laden Palm Trees

This sight can only mean we're about to be right in the depths of another phase of renovating:

Planning the next stage

Dan spent the weekend hard at work on drafting the next part of our work here - building in and onto the front of the house.

Planning the next stage5

This is our house from the street now:

Planning the next stage3

As you can see, it's not very glamorous. That's useful, because we live in a not-so-flashy area, or up-and-coming local real estate agents refer to it, and we've not been burgled yet.

I mean, it's only been five years, so maybe that's not so impressive. How often do people get burgled anyway?

Anyway, Dan is putting in a raised carport, with a raised walkway which will lead to the new entrance on the top floor, instead of downstairs.

Those windows at the bottom front will be filled in, with bigger ones put in at the side of the house.

Then, we'll build a privacy fence along the road - so the house behind will become a sheltered sanctuary from the road we live on.

Some of these palm trees growing down the border of our property will be moved to the front behind the fence, to sort of overhang it and look pretty.

Planning the next stage6

Dan may be good at drafting and building and other stuff, but I am the master of Photoshop illustrating, as you can see from this cleverly-executed illustration.

Planning the next stageAfter

I may have gone overboard with the coconut-laden palm trees, but they're much easier to draw in Photoshop than the straight lines of a carport and fence.


  1. Hi Edwina, thanks for your comments on my blog and I am just catching up on yours and really enjoying your story... Your new follower...

  2. Are you sure you don't work for Riddel Architecture?? Only kidding - sounds like a great plan is in the making...

  3. Hello! I have to be honest - I hate home renovating, but somehow, I love your blog!! Such a great premise, and I can't wait to follow your story. Do you have an RSS feed?

    Poppy xox

  4. You are funny. I often laugh when I read your posts.
    Sure looks like you've got quite a project ahead of you.
    Moving palm trees sounds scary. Wonder what their root system is like. I imagine them being shallow.
    Good luck!

  5. That will look great if your drawing is anything to go by! The fence is a great idea and your trees are wonderful!

  6. I love your photoshop sketch! Coincidentally, we have rented a place at Karragarra this weekend but that was before I knew about yours which is also dog-friendly, I see.

  7. Oh i love the photo shop picture! Your area looks familiar. We are from Brissy too. Looking forward to following your blog. In regards to your comment, i tried many wooden rocking chairs, my legs are too long and i just couldnt get comfy. We ended up buying a leather glider with a glider foot stool. Im expecting mid october and it is super comfy. There has been many a night (and afternoon) nap on it.

  8. Love your blog! Spent a while looking about - your place in tassie reminded me of share houses back in SA when i was Roseworthy. And i love what you're doing up there in QLD. Cool changes ahead for the homestead! I work in landscpoae architecture, so seeing your photoshop drawing over the image of the house made me think...'that girl needs to get her hands on some yellow trace!' cool plans, look forward to watching it happen : )jules

  9. I'm so excited to see all your plans in action. When it's done can you get started on my house :)


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