Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ModCloth Bathers

Every weekend islander needs a good pair of bathers, even on the first day of winter.

I just got these ModCloth Bathing Beauty Bathers in Emerald and felt the need to show them off.

I guess I'll just have to wear them around the house for a few months. Perhaps with heels and a headpiece.

Mod Cloth Bathers

I'm pretty sure the dog is actually rolling her eyes here. She wanted to be the star of tonight's shoot.

Maisie and me-2 copy

WHAT a Diva.

Maisie Headpiece


  1. I checked out the site and they have great clothes. Those togs are really gorgeous - perfect for swanning around Karra. Maisie seems to have a showgirl career ahead of her too...

  2. Very cool!!!! I espcially love the second picture. It's really cleverly done with the mirror and your dog's expression is priceless!

  3. They're really cool bathers but I must say I avoid the things as much as I can (not dificult to do in chilly Tas). I just love the pics in this post - they're classic!
    I agree, the bathers look gret with hells and a headpiece, or maybe one of those crazy bathing caps with the decorations on it?

  4. Very glam! Love your new bathers!
    I've left you a blog award today over at my blog (only if you want to take part, no worries if you don't).
    Have a great day, oh your little doggie is too cute!

  5. You look fab!! Great bathers, and winter seems like the perfect occasion to get into them, well you do live in QLD I guess.

    Great pics Edwina - you will never catch me photographed in my bathers so my headpiece goes off to you!

  6. Thanks Sharni - I ummed and ahhed about whether to put this one up... But then I thought, hell, they're just legs. Who cares?

  7. lovelovelove! that is so cute and i love the colour!

  8. Love the bathers ! I am looking forward to being in that little room at the end of the deck !

  9. wow! love that bathing suit! I had a similar, bright yellow one years ago and still miss it. great pics.


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