Friday, June 25, 2010


It's possible my current love of the Weekend Island - AKA Karragarra - comes from the fact that I grew up on an island - a much bigger one, but an island nonetheless.

My hometown is Hobart, Tasmania. The island of Tasmania is Australia's smallest state and Australia is the world's biggest island country, incidentally.

Technically, I grew up on an island off an island.

I left home at 17 to live in my mother's homeland of Scotland, then moved back to Tassie for a year when I was 22 - six years ago.

That was when I also bought my first-ever house, in the now-gentrified Hobart suburb of New Town. It cost me $210,000. It had three bedrooms, a bunch of ramshackle outhouses and no heating. It was more than 100 years old and had seen very little improvement in that time.

Basically, it needed a lot of work.

I was earning a pittance in my first job out of university. Needless to say, I lived in the worst of the three bedrooms and rented out the better two.

These are the photos I have of the house. It's definitely cute, but I'm glad I sold it a few years later to buy into the house that Dan and I now share (aka House Number 1).

Forster St 1
From the street.

Forster St 2
That's me! I look so young and cranky and thin...

Forster St 3
That bar heater was the only heat in the house, until I eventually installed a tiny wood heater.

Forster St 4
The kitchen, my favourite room.

Forster St 5

After a year living in this desperately cold cottage, my flatmate Briohny - who answered an ad in the paper, moved in to that house and remains one of my dearest friends - and I decided we really couldn't call Tasmania home after all. It was too small, too cold, too stifling.

I found tenants for the house, we packed up Briohny's little hatchback with our possessions and then we drove north. We took a ferry to the mainland of Australia, drove for four days up the East Coast and ended up in the hippy-haven of Byron Bay.

Eventually, Briohny headed back to her home-state of South Australia and I wound up heading further north to Queensland, where I live to this day with the man I met just afterwards.

I have never lived in Tasmania since, probably never will again. I seldom even visit it, even though my family still call it home.

These days, I'm happy to be here among the palm trees of Queensland, although Dan and I will be going back to Tassie for a week over Summer. Bizarrely, my Mother bought land on Bruny Island - off Tasmania's coast - about five years ago.

We'll be spending Christmas on an island off an island off an island.


  1. ha! still haven't been to tassie though I yearn to.
    Like new banner hehe

  2. have i ever told you that i was obsessed with australia when i was younger? i was on this random children's tv show when i was a kid, and i once got a piece of fan mail from a girl who lived in australia, and i thought it was the coolest thing ever! i wrote her back with a million questions, and i did so much research... i soaked up in any info i could about australia and vowed that one day i would visit. i still haven't, but i want to desperately. i remembered this today because i always thought tasmania was the coolest name for a state. ;)

  3. so good to see you at my blog...going to spend some time reading your posts in the near future. love it that you write!! my fave kind of blog!


  4. adore how photos/polaroids displayed by the fireplace~

  5. That's a tiny heater for Tassie! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Seriously... try OAMC! It isn't as bad as it seems. The first time is a bit of a challenge just because you're trying to figure it all out. but I think it's going to be so much easier from here on out.

  7. Oh my god, you must have been so COLD!! No wonder you weren't very happy there. Hard to be cheeerful when you're frozen to the core!

    Poppy xox


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