Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deck Renovation - The Before Shots

About a week ago, Dan and I started working on the back deck again. We packed up everything that was on it and Dan spent a good day or so sanding it down. Now, he's priming it before we start painting this weekend.

I thought I'd post a few before photos, which I took last Saturday morning.

Deck Before Renovation 3

We plan to paint the back wall - the long one - white. The two ends, where the VJs are, will be a really light grey, much lighter than the colour sampled there at the moment.

Deck Before Renovation 2

I also want to paint the base of the outdoor couch white. It's faded quite dramatically after copping a full summer worth of morning sun.

Deck Before Renovation 1

So there you have it, the big BEFORE. Coming soon, the AFTER photos.

And yes, I will absolutely be shooting them in much better conditions when the sky is blue and the deck is immaculate to make it look more impressive.


  1. It's a gorgeous back deck. Oh to have an insulated ceiling like yours. And I like your VJs too. Light grey will look fantastic.

  2. wow! if this is the BEFORE picture.... can't wait to see the after! looks amazing already! :)

  3. What a fantastic space! So much potential. I bet it's going to look gorgeous when you are done! Although I'd say it looked pretty cool in these "before" shots too!

  4. Amen to Kara, I'd give my left leg for the before. Can't wait to see the after. Is it like before and after for weightloss ads where the after shot they have lippy and a professional hairdo? haha

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  6. I've never been to Australia, and i just love looking back over these pictures of all that lush greenery - especially in the first photo. I am from Richmond, Virginia... I always envy people who are so spontaneous that they can pick up and move anywhere at any moment. Looks like an amazing "impulse buy" if I do say so myself! Plus, you have amazing style... love the couch with all those comfy pillows!

    Have a fantastic weekend! ;) xo


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