Saturday, June 5, 2010


You know that expression 'an assault on the senses' ?

Yeah, of course you do. I knew you would. That expression could only have been coined for one place as far as I'm concerned - a place that so completely hyper-stimulates every one of your senses that you either get completely high on it or just want to drop to your knees and beg for mercy. And stomach medicine.

Nearly two years ago, Dan and I went to India. It was Dan's first trip out of Australia and, honestly, who knows why I thought India would be a good introduction to overseas travel for him.

He was only allowed 14 days off work, so it was a whirlwind trip. A trip we simultaneously loved and loathed almost in equal measures, depending on the day.

India is such a joy for anyone even vaguely interested in photography. I shot nearly 1,000 frames in two weeks and this was after realising I had to show a bit of restraint or I'd run out of memory cards.

The photo opportunities were why I wanted to go, actually. Well, that and I read Shantaram. I'm guessing Gregory David Roberts caused a fairly serious spike in travel to India after publishing that book. (Incidentally, if you haven't read it you really, REALLY should.)

Today I was sorting through my photos and decided to post a few of my favourites. They were mostly taken around Kerala. A couple were in Mumbai and Delhi.

Tilt Shift_ Indian LanscapeREsized

Sunset Resized

Tea Maker Resized

Dhobi Ghat Resized

Shopkeeper Low REs Resized


Sitar Maker in Delhi Resized

Cochin House Resized


  1. Oh wow, every single one of those photos is truly stunning.

  2. Oh my! What beautiful colors. I love how bright they are. Amazing.

  3. holy. shit. these are AMAZING. i love the first one (i am obsessed with tilt shift!!!) and the last one is awesome because of that green colour. and the clothesline might be my favourite - it's SO good! i want to go to india so bad... i think i would have a happy heart attack from all of the incredible photography opportunities. ;)

  4. These photos are simply beautiful! The colours are amazing!

  5. Great photos Edwina. So colourful, I have just been cleaning the house to the tunes of Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack and was just thinking about my lifelong yearning to visit India, then I see this - I will wait for the third sign and book my ticket when it pops up. Beautiful photos, going to try and get a hold of that book too, cheers!

  6. Thanks Guys! Photos just sort of take themselves in India, there's so many opportunities...

  7. Wow, great shots! I can imagine it would be an assault on the senses. Really beautiful and then really difficult. Amazing.
    Mmmm..I could go a nice garlic naan right now.. :)

  8. mmmm i have wanted to go to india for soooo long! loved looking at these pictures and all of the bright colors!

  9. Wowsers! Can see how you would quickly run out of memory space.
    Love the drying laundry, such a fun picture. All of them are actually.
    Adore the grain baskets.
    The top picture is funny because it looks like, to me, a miniature set. Like it isn't real. Like it's reduced scale.
    How was the tea? I love trying new foods and drinks. I bet you tried a whole lot of that. Bet walking through a city street just touches all your senses.


  10. Thanks Annelie! The top picture is a tilt shift, or fake tilt-shift in this case. I don't have a proper TS lens, I just fake them in Photoshop.

    The tea was fantastic, still trying to recreate it here. But it's such an art form.

  11. Beautiful. totally in love with that last shot


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