Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Royal We

So, we've been pretty busy here at house number 1 (as in, not Karra'd Away) getting the deck painted up.

By we, I mean Dan as usual. It's like the Royal 'We', which I think you'll find makes me like the Queen or at least Princess Mary of Denmark.

And there's no way Princess Mary is getting up a ladder to cut in the VJs anytime soon.

I posted 'before' shots here, but it occurred to me after that I wasn't giving a fair picture of the actual before.

Those photos were taken after we pulled down the original deck and built a new one, but before we embarked on the recent painting project.

These are the ACTUAL before photos, the photos of the deck we lived with for four years before it increasingly became dangerous, not least because there was no sun protection at all and have you seen my complexion?

If you learn one thing in this blog post, let it be that redheads living in Queensland need roofs on their decks.

Ask the dog, she knows.

Deck Before2

Deck Before1

As you can see, it was a pretty crappy home-job done by the people who owned this place before us. But it served us well for a period of our lives when we lived with no kitchen, no curtains, no blinds - not much of anything, to be honest.

That period lasted for three years. Three years with paper up on the windows; first newspaper, then tissue paper when we could afford to buy tissue paper.

Yes, for a couple of years, we were literally those people in the neighbourhood with newspaper up on their windows and a rusting car wreck in their front yard.

Princess Mary would have hurriedly asked her driver to lock the doors when she passed our suburban shanty.

So here, now, are the after photos of the painting job on the deck of the Dawson House.



Dan and Mais (2 of 1)

I think we've done pretty well.

Ok, Dan has.


  1. You sure have! That looks absolutely brilliant. Wow! That before shot was really dodgy?! Is that laser-lite I see for rails??

  2. Sure is! Dodgy doesn't even begin... Although, amazingly, we sold that old fibre cement used for the floor on Ebay for $200. The laserlite just went to the dump.

  3. That deck is wonderful. If I had it at my house I think I'd spend all my time out on it.

  4. Fantastic work! The deck looks amazing... I love decks, mine at home is ok but if it looked like yours, we spend all our time living out there! Love it!

  5. oh wow, gorgeous deck! it looks fantastic.

  6. Love, love, love that deck. Fab job on the renovation.
    Being in debt can be wonderful when you sit on such a handsome deck like that, I suppose. We've got plenty of practice in that sort of renovation ourselves here. I think it's pretty much the American way of living, I've learned.
    Fun and cute with the kookaburra lovebirds. Heard that word so many times and didn't know it was a bird. Admit it's a funny word.


  7. One thing about coming to stay is I do not see your blog ! I had such a GREAT time sitting on that deck - it looks soooo good ! Thank you and Dan so much for a great and relaxing 10 days x

  8. Oh wow!! Your deck looks AMAZING! I can just imagine sitting out there glass of wine in hand enjoying a BBQ in the hot months :)

  9. oh wow!! that deck is beautiful!! you have one clever husband! mine is currently studying for his builders licence. hopefully one day we'll be working away on our own place too. keep the inspiration coming. please!

  10. Amazing! You must be so proud of your husband :)


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