Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Bunting

I've been seeing fabric bunting for sale EVERYWHERE and thought it was a pretty cute idea.

Lucinda will be moving into her own room soon - a room without airconditioning - which means she gets a nice big fan right next to her cot for summer.

Even so, that poor baby ain't going to know what hit her.

Hopefully, having bunting fluttering in the breeze to gaze at will buy me a few extra minutes sleep in the mornings.

I used some scraps of fabric from other projects which is why the finished result is a little eclectic in its colour and fabric selection.

But babies aren't so fussy about being matchy matchy. The more colour the better, really.

Also, I used some 50mm bias tape to enclose the ends of the triangles and string the bunting because I had some already and couldn't imagine what else I would use it for.

If I was going to make this again, I'd probably buy some canvas or something a little heavier in weight as the bias tape tends to flip and twist quite easily.



Claps for baby bunting!


  1. Looks beautiful Edwina! I'm with the babies - I don't like things too matchy matchy either :) I might pinch this idea from you, although I'm not much of a seamstress.

  2. that's so pretty! i absolutley love it! i've said it before, but Lucinda is one lucky lady having such a crafty mom! :)

  3. I made buntings for the boys last year. Have them up in thier room :) love the look of them. Saw lots at the Petrie markets for $20+

  4. Looks great! I used a thick piece of ribbon on my last one I made as I had run out of tape and it worked just as well :) Love the colours!


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