Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My New Chair

I saw this old chair at Lifeline on Monday and something about it appealed to me. Certainly not its brown, stained fabric though.

Chair Before2-2

Anyway, it was $8 so I bought it and stripped the brown covers off and pulled them apart to use as pattern pieces.

I picked out this blue fabric at Spotlight. It's canvas and was $16 a metre. I was looking for something a bit more neutral but my eye kept going back to this one.

Chair After2-2

Ta da! My funky chair all ready to go, for less than $40 (Ok, it's not super cheap but it's not too bad!)

I'm not sure if it's going to stay here, the colour is a bit much with everything else going on in here, colour-wise.

I can hear the female judge from The Renovators now - "You need to edit your room, Edwina"

Seeing as I tend to move furniture around constantly anyway, it can stay here for now until I get inspired to move it somewhere else.


  1. clever girl!! Peeking about your blog I realised -- my hubs is called "Dan" too... and my daughter Fern's middle name is Lucinda!!! I wonder what else we have in common? ;)

  2. That fabric is awesome! Looks great and totally transformed the chair :)

  3. What a great buy! It looks great. I haven't watched a lot of the Renovators but it cracks me up how the judges walk around the rooms they're judging. It just looks really fake :)

  4. Looks greaat - just like a chair we had in our Edinburgh flat in the 70s !

  5. I love the fabric, what a transformation.

    Groan, the renovators... I have to stop watching it. I said something last night about our Japanese tea chest being "the hero" of our entrance hall and my husband nearly booted me out the front door.

  6. Looks fantastic. What a great buy!


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