Friday, September 23, 2011

Lucinda's Hat, Fail Of The Week

The weather is warming up and I decided it was high time Lucinda had her first sunhat. I could have taken the easy way out and bought one but no - I decided it was a great idea to make one.

Only, I had no idea where to start so I bought a pattern.

Then I bought a metre of love heart fabric in two different shades.

Already, this was shaping up to be quite a pricey sunhat.

I made it over an evening and sadly it's miles too big and kind of makes her look like a lamp, or a flower.

A flower-shaped lamp, perhaps.

Lucinda in hat-2


Lucinda in hat-2-3

The flower child.

Lucinda in hat-2-2

Where'd that baby go?

Hopefully when she grows a little, it'll be a better fit. I was toying with the idea of reducing the pattern piece on the photocopier and making a smaller one, but you know what?

I might just go buy one.


  1. It is a super cute hat! Love the fabric.

  2. Aww! At least next summer you'll have a hat already to go!

  3. It's so cute and it will fit her perfectly before you know it!

  4. good for playing peek-a-boo? Seriously cute!


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