Thursday, August 12, 2010


It never occured to me to make my own bread. It never occured to me that with a bit of flour, salt, water and yeast I could make bread that tasted so much better than shop-bought.

A month or so ago, I just got a hankering to bake bread. Out of the blue. So, I found a recipe, pulled out our beautiful red Kitchenaid and got busy.

I haven't looked back since.

I now make a couple of loaves a week- one usually on a Friday night and one mid-week, and we've been pigging out on the stuff.

This is what it looks like going into the oven:

Bread Before (2 of 1)

This is what it looks like straight out of the oven. It fills the house with the most amazing smell.

Bread After (2 of 1)

It is one of the more satisfying tasks I've ever encountered. We keep it in a big red tupperware container that keeps it fresh and moist for days.

Time to make a fresh loaf, come to think of it.


  1. mmm love my breadmaker and I've started doing my own dough as well... who woulda thunk it?? lol

  2. I like it hot with lots of butter straight out of the oven!

  3. why don't you have a competition and give some away - I'd like to be the breadwinner (sorry)

    love the smell of fresh bread - go you!

  4. Yum! Nothing like homemade bread. Your inner-Martha has done well.

  5. Most impressed - just like Nick did it on Maatsuyker - why did I miss out on the baking gene ! My grandmother, your great grandmother Macfie (nee Macmaster) was a fabulous baker.

  6. i didn't know you could make bread without a bread maker! share the recipie...please!!! my mom used to make our bread homemade when i was a kid, but i never took an interest so we get ours from the store now.

  7. You go girl! I love home made 'hot' bread!

  8. yum! I love making homemade bread.

  9. *sigh*. bread... is there anything better.


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