Monday, August 9, 2010

David Beckham

Maisie's been keen to show off her sporting prowess. Clearly, she is feeling threatened by all the talk about clever sheepdogs and their clever cleverness.

She waits until someone is watching, preferably also holding a camera, and then...

Maisie on Deck (2 of 1)

BAM! She morphs into David Beckham.

Maisie and ball (2 of 1)


  1. Oh, she's a clever girl! Molly loves balls too but she tends to shred them instead. The only ones that survive are the solid rubber ones :)

  2. I had a kelpie, Chloe, who played ball like this. One day, after watching some kids play soccer in the yard and cheer whenever they kicked the ball between the two "goal trees", she snagged the ball, nosed it along, shunted it through the "goal trees" and then spun around with a massive grin on her face. Clearly she learned what "Goooooaaaaaaalllllll!!!!!" meant. :)


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