Sunday, August 8, 2010


I moved to Brisbane five years ago, but have never managed to make it along to the Brisbane Exhibition - or Ekka, as it is known in these here parts.
To be honest I haven't ever been that keen to go. Shows to me always conjur up images of being ripped off in sideshow alleys, ripped off in the showbag pavilion, ripped off at the food carts and ripped off at the rides.
Then there's the carnies...
This year, however, I decided I wanted to see the sheep dog trials. So we got our Ekka guide from the paper, packed a little backpack with goodies and took the train to the showgrounds to make a day of it.
The sheep dog trials were fantastic, even though only two dogs were competing. But they were two very, very clever dogs. The audience was spellbound and the announcer said, at one point in hushed tones, "You know, if we were in New Zealand and not Australia, this would be on the TV a few times a week, instead of Rugby..."
Well, Dan and I just looked at each other agape - WHY DO WE NOT LIVE IN NEW ZEALAND??
Sheep Dog trials (2 of 1) copy
It's possible that we were high on sugar. Dan got a bit overexcited at the fairy floss stall and bought a bucket of the stuff, which he happily munched on all afternoon.
Somewhere, a dentist is crying.

Dan with fairy floss
Then we commenced wandering and people watching. Didn't these caps used to really daggy? They're back in vogue now apparently. Kids everywhere were wearing them. Young people these days, I just don't know.

There were cows, like this lady called Bellbird. She was pretty.

There were little toy choppers zipping around in the air, taunting those propeller hat-wearing teens by actually possessing the ability to fly.

Toy CHopper
There were rides too, although we didn't go on any of them. Must be a sign I'm getting old that I'd prefer to keep my feet on the ground and shoot pictures of them instead.

Ferris wheel
Then, we came and sat down to have a good long talk with Maisie.
Call yourself a sheep dog, young lady? We expect to see some serious improvements in your behaviour. We've met your cousins now, we've seen how smart they are. We don't have any sheep for you to herd, but if you can learn to make a gin and tonic, we'll call that sufficient use of your powers.


  1. I used to love the Ekka when I competed as a teenager in the showjumping (and yeah, the dog trials are mind-blowing), but these days I just end up cranky and disappointed when I go.

    I went to the Mudgeeraba show a few months ago and it was awesome, so now I stick to the smaller "country town" shows - the Ekka's gone yuppie man!!! lol

  2. The Ekka souns like good fun, but mostly for the animals I'd say - that's pretty much the only reason I go to the show these days :)
    The baby animals are soooo super cute!
    ps even if Maisie doesn't make you a G&T you'll love her anyway, I know :)


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