Monday, August 9, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if perhaps Dan spent a little less time measuring things and drawing plans and costing plans and correcting plans and re-doing plans, we might be a little further along in this five-year (so far) renovation.

I wonder it. I would ABSOLUTELY NOT EVER say it aloud. Not anywhere he can hear me, anyway. He might strangle me with his string line.

Personal 010

Anyway, apparently now we're landscaping the backyard. Spirit levels have been utilised, giant orange markers spray-painted across the lawn.

And the plans. Oh, the plans.

Excuse my pessimism, but I remain skeptical that I'll be planting anything in newly-terraced, rice paddy-like flower beds come Spring.

Which, come to think of it, saves me a lot of hassle anyway. As you were, Dan.

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  1. He is obviously a perfectionist! I am sure you will have a beautiful backyard very soon! If it stops pelting down with rain that is! ;-)


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