Friday, April 30, 2010

Adorable, but crazy

So, a word about the dog then.

Maisie is a four year old red and white border collie, also known as an ee red or Australian red and white.

She is also a bit crazy. Adorable, but crazy.

Maisie sees dead people - or dead insects, anyway. She stands on the deck at home and at Karra for hours and pounces on figments of her imagination.

Maisie Jumps-2

One time, I put her in a hat and she seemed to like that too. See? Crazy.

Maisie in Hat

She hates riding in the back of the car and always leaps over into the front. There, she is refused entry and is sent to the back seat again to have a long hard think about herself.

Maisie in car-2

Maisie loves playing fetch more than anything. If it's fetch at the beach, even better. Fetch with DAN at the beach is the best of all. He can throw good, you know.

Mais and Dan at karra-2

Must be hard work being a dog.


  1. She is a beautiful dog. I love that she sees dead people and am jealous she looks better in a hat than I do!

  2. I have a feeling Masie and my dog Scout would get along famously...

  3. I am now up to date and have read all posts ! great shots of Maisie especially running for Dan and jumping on the deck ! see you both and her soon

  4. Hi Edwina, thanks for visiting my blog - yes I am a Hobartian!
    Maisie is super cute! Her new muzzle is much better than the old one :)
    ps couldn't comment in your latest post for some reason


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