Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bugging out

These little guys are called Cotton Harlequin Bugs. There were hundreds of them in a tree next to where the ferry leaves from and I spent a good 20 minutes shoving my camera into that tree at bizarre angles.

Everyone waiting for the ferry clearly thought I was mad.

The orange ones are the females.

Cotton Harlequin Beetle

This female is protecting her eggs.

Cotton Harlequin Beetles

This little green one is the male.



  1. How cute are they??? I'm really taken in with the colourful bugs and butterflies around here at the moment. Hope I come back as something exotic like that, (maybe not actually) but they are v. cool!! Hey thinking of featuring your site in my Friday Fertilizer segment in the next couple of weeks! Get more people to check out these beauties xx

  2. WOW!!! these pictures are impeccable!!!


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