Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lighter and brighter

It's raining outside my office and I have to go to a meeting soon, a meeting I have to walk to, a meeting that I will be drenched by the time I reach. Too close to get a taxi, too far to stay dry.

On the weekend, we were going to have a party at Karra but it's meant to rain then too and I've just sent out a text message calling it off.

Partly I'm sad about that, partly the thought of pulling together a party by Sunday night - Queensland has Monday off - was also making me a bit angst-ridden. Because that's the thing about Karra, you can't just rock up there at any time you please with no supplies and expect to order take-away or drop down to the pub for dinner.

On Karra there is no take-away and there is no pub.

Lists have to be written, jobs and meals delegated, cars arranged and barges booked. Mattresses found, sheets washed, eskis packed, people instructed, consulted, informed, mediated.

All jobs that inevitably fall into my lap because they stress Dan out too much.

The idea of it was bogging me down almost as much as the weather at the moment.

I think we will still go over this Sunday but perhaps we'll just take a couple of friends, not 10. That way, we can curl up in front of the fire when the skies open, crack a few bottles of red and relax.

We'll save the party idea for a time when the sky is lighter and brighter.



  1. Oh what a beautiful beautiful photo. Pretty much sums up yesterday's rain. Hope that you can plan your party soon. Answer to your question yesterday on my blog... I don't know! A-M xx

  2. Rainy days are best for curling up in bed or in front of a fireplace for sure. I'm sure a sunny warm day will come soon for you to have your party!

  3. Just heard along the grape vine that your gathering of people was cancelled :( Secretly I was happy as it looked like we were not able to make it....selfish I know, but you throw such a good party I didn't want to miss out!!!!!!
    Enjoy your snuggle time xo

  4. Your photography is amazing! I'm liking your new blog very much too. Enjoy the quieter weekend - wet weather, wine and fireplace are a great compromise.


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