Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Karravan

I will be doing a solo mission over to Karra on Sunday to continue the driveway construction project as well as think about beginning the Karravan makeover project.

The Karravan (some might call it a regular, rusty old caravan) sits downstairs underneath the house and sleeps four. At least, it would sleep four had we ever been cruel enough to suggest anybody try it out.

It's rickety, full of cobwebs (and their eight-legged creators), it smells weird and last weekend a SNAKE CAME OUT FROM UNDER IT. A real, honest-to-God snake. I am so glad it happened at the end of the weekend and not the beginning, or I would have aborted the driveway project, mixed a strong drink and gone to sleep for two days instead.

And I'm not even scared of snakes (much).

I suspect the Karravan just needs a bit of love. And a sign. Like, for example, this one:

I also suspect it needs a nice kaffir lime tree near it, because I was given one for my birthday yesterday and I want to find a home for it:

On top of that, I can't help feeling some cheap vinyl tiles and a splash of paint would do it the world of good... I see a 50's kitsch style, like perhaps this one from Happy Loves Rosie.

Ok, maybe not QUITE this cool, we're just not hip enough to pull a caravan like this off, but you can appreciate the idea...


  1. Eek! I don't mind snakes if they are pets, but in the wild... ugh. I love these pictures of the caravans! LOVE! How fun is that? I adore the shelf with chicken wire.


  2. You could so pull that off I suspect. Very cool.

  3. ooo... has Maisie and More morphed into The Weekend Island? Love it. I totally think you can pull off a cute caravan like this one. You'd just have to be generous with your application of ginghams, spots, stripes and florals - what a dream!

  4. HA HA "Keep calm and carry on" Maybe a bit less lolly pink and it would be you.
    ps Love the new site!


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