Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday Fertiliser

Today I am 'Friday Fertiliser' on the lovely Sharni's inspiring website, Sharnanigans. Sharni has a very clever philosophy that she lives by:

"The grass is not greener on the other side, it's greener where you water it."

This COMPLETELY makes sense to me. I mean, I am hopeless at actually LIVING by it most of the time, but ever since Sharni introduced me to the concept through her blog, I've tried to do better.

Bring that watering can on.

It's quite exciting being the fertiliser on the lawn (ok, the analogy really shouldn't be taken THAT far, should it?) because I've come to really appreciate the new contacts I make through blogging lately.

I started blogging with my last blog, Maisie and More, and like many out there, I really explored others' blogs in the hope they'd come and look at mine too.

Often, I commented because I wanted people to comment back.

Something has changed about the process for me. I love reading people's thoughts, seeing their photos, hearing about their lives, learning their lessons.

I've also come to terms with the fact that there will ALWAYS be bloggers out there with more beautiful homes, more exciting lives, better cameras, nicer blog designs.

There'll always be better writers, deeper thinkers, people who can express themselves more clearly, people whose lives look more notable.

I'm OK with it.

I've come to realise now that the things I've learned about other ways of living have been a far greater gift to me than sharing my own thoughts and images with others, or trying to compete with the wonder bloggers and their beautiful content.

So that's why I'm happy to be the fertiliser today. New readers = new things to read. Simple.

But now it's Friday afternoon, I'm getting excited about another long weekend which will be spent partly at Karra and partly at the Weekday House, which is URGENTLY in need of a good clean and a bit of TLC.

Maisie has no desire to stay at home though. Her heart belongs to Karra. She even manages to look whimsical on the barge on the way over.

Clever dog.

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  1. o Eddie I REALLY enjoyed this entry. It was perfect timing actually as I had just returned from a walk (with stroller + bub + toddles) and during this hour I had lawn envy, cute weatherboard house envy, hair envy, cottage garden envy, jogging girl envy... and on it goes.

    And I must admit that when I read blogs I too have been guilty of blog envy.

    Thanks for reminding me that we tend to do the Grass Is Greener thing and I needed the good slap of Friday Fertiliser! :)


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