Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Background

A lot of people have never heard of Karragarra Island - even people who have lived their whole lives in or near Brisbane - perhaps because of how tiny it is.

It's part of a chain of four islands which have a reputation for being a little bit rough. There is undoubtedly a rough element present on the islands and, to be completely honest, the one time we took the water taxi to Macleay Island to go to the pub there we ended up fleeing when a nasty fight broke out.

The largest of the chain is Russell, then Macleay, then Lamb and then little ol' Karra. Together, the four of them are called the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

If you're interested, you can get a better idea of the size and layout of the island chain on Google Maps, here.

We chose Karra because it's tiny and sleepy and well-loved and cute as a button.

There are no shops and there is no pub - no commerce at all, in fact.

The permanent population of a few hundred (and I'm being quite generous there, I suspect) care for the island like it was their own backyard - as is evident as soon as you get off the ferry.





The process of buying our holiday home there was a rapid, ill-considered and foolish one. We discovered the island while looking online at real estate on its much more ritzy cousin, Stradbroke Island.

The next day, we took the ferry there and found the house we'd fallen instantly in love with. We checked it was empty, climbed to the deck, peered in the windows and took in the views.

Then, we rang the real estate agent and made an offer. Without looking inside.

Foolhardy? Definitely.

But we just knew this little island was something we had to be a part of in the future.


  1. Sounds like quite an impulsive decision, and, quite an adventure. I wish that I was a little more daring like that some times.
    Your island seem to be the perfect place for relaxing and kicking back.

    Thank you for your response.
    I know exactly how you feel. Blogger response questions are a dilemma. Do you answer them where the questions are asked (on the post), or do you go to the person who asked the question and answer on his/her blog (if they have one)? I believe that the more comments and questions you get on a post, the more sense it makes to answer q's on the original post. That way other readers can take part too.


  2. Aaah, see but what if you then don't come back?? And my carefully crafted answers are left hanging there in cyberspace for your return, and you never come??

  3. I must admit I had never heard of Karragarra til I read your blog - and I grew up on the Gold Coast and lived in Brisie for years!
    I've always beleived the impulsive decisions are usually the best! ;o)

  4. sounds like a dream! i love it already!

  5. I am loving reading your blog and hearing all about the island and your house. I am strangely fascinated by islands, especially remote ones or ones with a small population, even though I don't think island living would be for me.
    Imagine how much time I spent reading about Pitcairn! The scandals etc aside, I found the whole scenario of such a small community living so far away from anywhere to be fascinating.
    And I love that your purchase of your house was so impulsive. I think that when it comes to buying and house you just know when it's right.

  6. I confess that I never really heard of Karra either - I'm Brisbane born and bred. I've heard of Russell, Macleay and Lamb though. I think it is so cool that you own a piece of island life. What a wonderful place to get away from it all!

  7. Karragarra is the maternity ward at Redlands Hospital -- where I had three of my children. So it has a lovely connotation for me!


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