Thursday, May 20, 2010

Game On

There's been a bit of a shift in the plans around here.

We've decided to finish renovating our primary house so we can put it on the market and sell it, then move onto the next phase - building something from scratch.

That means Karra gets put on the backburner for the next year or so, while we work most weekends on this place to get it finished.

It also means less time for relaxing... They don't look too happy about that do they?

Deck-2 copy

We will keep Karra as is for the time being, although I'll still be getting over there regularly and working on the garden, to continue with my plans to turn it into a little island jungle...

I'll also be posting plenty of photos - like, for example, this one of the old jetty at the eastern end of the island.

Old Jetty-2 copy

I guess that changes the nature of this blog a little - although it hasn't been purely a Karra renovation blog at any point anyway.

It's now a renovation blog about two houses - and a personal blog. And it's about photography and sewing too.

As for this weekend, we're going to Byron Bay for a couple of days with friends. Next weekend, the madness begins. Game on.


  1. Wow. Very exciting. You guys are so energetic!

  2. Possibly just stupid. The jury is still out...

  3. Looking forward to you sharing all your renovations with us x

  4. good luck with everything, dear! i hope it goes as smoothly as possible. :)

  5. that place looks very gorgeous can't wait to see how you improve it :)

  6. Good luck, look forward to reading all about your renovations. And as for the blog changing - I think many blogs seem to start out as one thing and then twist and turn into other things along the way.

  7. i love hearing about all those things from your life Edwina - very inspiring -- enjoy Byron!! x


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