Friday, May 7, 2010


As I was leaving home today, with car and sans Duffel, I nearly ran over a little brown dog. We live on a busy road, so there was no way I was leaving him there playing chicken with the traffic.

He has no collar and, unfortunately, I can't check if he's microchipped until tomorrow because the vet is closed.

So, we've registered him with the RSPCA and it looks like he'll be staying with us until his owners come forward.

His temporary name is 'Pip', because I think it suits him.

Me? Getting attached? Never.



  1. How BEAUTIFUL is Pip - that is such a lovely photo Edwina, she seems so nervous and vulnerable. Kind of you to take her in.

  2. Thanks Sharni! I liked this pic too.

  3. Hey gorgeous! What a sweetie! If Tara gets adopted soon we can always help out looking after him. Hope he has nice owners out there, he's got such a pixie face. Xxx

  4. Aw, so cute and I'm not even a dog person.


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