Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bangalow Markets

On Sunday, we went to the Bangalow Markets - the ultimate paradise for hippies and yuppies and yippies. A yippy is a cross between a hippy and a yuppy. Feel free to use that word if you like.

Oh, you're welcome.

The Bangalow Markets is all didgeridoo healers, tarot card readings, lentils, organic soaps and hand-blown glass ash-trays.

There's a paddock next door to the market site where the VW Kombis are almost outnumbered by the Ferraris and Alfa Romeos and Lotus Esprits. I don't know about you, but had I spent six figures on a car I would most definitely not be parking it in a paddock ANYWHERE and, really, who cares how good the organic soy lattes at the market cafe are.

Bangalow Bubble

There was a guy there demonstrating his bubble blowers and I snapped this one as one of the bubbles drifted past my head....

Aaah, weekend activities. Is it Friday yet?


  1. Thanks for the bib link. I can add it to my 'market research' favourites folder... Hopefully I can tap into some of the Lotus Esprit market also. :)

  2. Great photo of the bubble.

    This is one good looking blog. Is the cute post header thing within a template or do you do it yourself?

  3. this sounds like so much fun! and i love the photo you took of that bubble!

  4. fabulous photo! scrolled thew sum of your older posts and your photography is amazing! :)

  5. oh my your blog makes me so happy! :)

    i love the weekends, what a great invention. can you imagine working 7 days a week? shoot me now!


  6. Glad to see the Bangalow markets are sticking to their hippy roots (minus the parking lot!).

    We went to the Eumundi markets a few months ago and I was dismayed that it is no longer a craft market, just full of cheap imported junk and overpriced coffee! Such a shame... :(

  7. I tweeted your yippes and linked it back here, hey you spread my grass watering and I'll spread your yippies!


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